${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Electrochemical Characterization of Self-Assembled Monolayer of a Novel Manganese Tetrabenzylthio-Substituted Phthalocyanine and Its Use in Nitrite Oxidation Wed 27 Jul 2022 14:39:27 SAST ]]> Electro-catalyzed oxidation of reduced glutathione and 2-mercaptoethanol by cobalt phthalocyanine-containing screen printed graphite electrodes Wed 27 Jul 2022 14:37:32 SAST ]]> Volcano correlations for the reactivity of surface-confined cobalt N4-macrocyclics for the electrocatalytic oxidation of 2-mercaptoacetate  Co–octamethoxyphthalocyanine > Co–tetranitrophthalocyanine Co–tetraaminophthalocyanine > Co–unsubstituted phthalocyanine > Co–tetrasulfonatophthalocyanine > Co–perfluorinated phthalocyanine. Vitamin B12 exhibits the maximum activity. A correlation of log I (at constant potential) versus the Co(II)/(I) formal potential of the catalysts gives a volcano curve. This clearly shows that the search for better catalysts for this reaction point to those N4-macrocyclic complexes with Co(II)/(I) formal potentials close to −0.84 V versus SCE, which correspond to an optimum situation for the interaction of the thiol with the active site.]]> Wed 03 Aug 2022 14:12:48 SAST ]]> Tuning the redox properties of Co-N4 macrocyclic complexes for the catalytic electrooxidation of glucose Wed 03 Aug 2022 14:04:54 SAST ]]>