${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Above ground woody community attributes, biomass and carbon stocks along a rainfall gradient in the savannas of the central lowveld, South Africa Wed 21 Jul 2021 13:13:54 SAST ]]> Adoption, use and perception of Australian acacias around the world Wed 21 Jul 2021 10:38:57 SAST ]]> A critical analysis on how policy and legislation influence the implementation of renewable energy in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Wed 12 May 2021 23:42:05 SAST ]]> A model for privacy-aware presence management in mobile communications Wed 12 May 2021 23:30:42 SAST ]]> An analysis of Samuel P. Huntington's theories Wed 12 May 2021 23:26:13 SAST ]]> A cox proportional hazard model for mid-point imputed interval censored data Wed 12 May 2021 23:21:04 SAST ]]> A framework for successful SOA adoption in selected South African universities Wed 12 May 2021 23:09:34 SAST ]]> A self-reflection of my interactions, communication and relationship structures in the classroom Wed 12 May 2021 23:04:43 SAST ]]> 'n Ontleding van die reisgedigte van Joan Hambidge in 'Visums by verstek' Wed 12 May 2021 23:01:36 SAST ]]> The nature of geometry instruction and observed learning-outcomes opportunities in Nigerian and South African high schools: Wed 12 May 2021 22:45:42 SAST ]]> "But what story?": a narrative-discursive analysis of "white" Afrikaners' accounts of male involvement in parenthood decision-making 40 years), which were then differentiated according to gender, reproductive status, and relationship status. Treating the interviews as jointly produced narratives, I analysed them by means of a performativity/performance lens. This dual analytic lens focuses on how particular narrative performances are simultaneously shaped by the interview setting and the broader discursive context. The lens was fashioned by synthesising Butler’s theory of performativity with Taylor’s narrative-discursive method. This synthesis (1) allows for Butler’s notion of “performativity” to be supplemented with that of “performance”; (2) provides a concrete analytical strategy in the form of positioning analysis; and (3) draws attention to both the micro politics of the interview conversation and the operation of power on the macro level, including the possibility of making “gender trouble”. The findings of the study suggest that the participants experienced difficulty narrating about male involvement in parenthood decision-making, owing to the taken for granted nature of parenthood for heterosexual adults. This was evident in participants’ sidelining of issues of “deciding” and “planning” and their alternate construal of childbearing as a non-choice, which, significantly served to bolster hetero-patriarchal norms. A central rhetorical tool for accomplishing these purposes was found in the construction of the “sacralised” child. In discursively manoeuvring around the central problematic, the participants ultimately produced a “silence” in the data that repeats the one in the research literature.]]> Wed 12 May 2021 22:36:58 SAST ]]> An organisation development intervention in an Anglican church theological seminary in Southern Africa Wed 12 May 2021 22:22:21 SAST ]]> A comparison of the Botswana and South African labour dispute: resolution systems Wed 12 May 2021 22:20:32 SAST ]]> A comparison of three techniques for fluorochrome marking of juvenile Clarias gariepinus otoliths Wed 12 May 2021 20:55:58 SAST ]]> Detecting impacts of invasive non-native sharptooth catfish, Clarias gariepinus, within invaded and non-invaded rivers. Wed 12 May 2021 20:55:12 SAST ]]> Adjustment of commercial banks' interest rates and the effectiveness of monetary policy: evidence from Anglophone West Africa Wed 12 May 2021 20:52:47 SAST ]]> A framework to evaluate usable security in online social networking Wed 12 May 2021 20:31:17 SAST ]]> An analysis of the factors influencing the provision of water in the Buffalo City Municipality, province of the Eastern Cape Wed 12 May 2021 20:28:28 SAST ]]> 'Technic' practices of the computer game Lanner: identity development through the LAN-gameplay experience Wed 12 May 2021 19:50:39 SAST ]]> A formative evaluation of the implementation process of the supply chain management policy framework in Eastern Cape Provincial Administration Wed 12 May 2021 19:43:19 SAST ]]> "Too tired to speak?": investigating the reception of Radio Grahamstown's Lunchtime Live show as a means of linking local communities to power Wed 12 May 2021 19:39:59 SAST ]]> African traditional medicine-antiretroviral interactions : effects of Sutherlandia frutescens on the pharmacokinetics of Atazanavir Wed 12 May 2021 19:39:20 SAST ]]> Abortion as disruption: discourses surrounding abortion in the talk of men Wed 12 May 2021 19:09:54 SAST ]]> 'Iron on iron': modernism engaging apartheid in some South African railway poems Wed 12 May 2021 18:58:09 SAST ]]> 'Amanuensis' and 'Steatopygia': the complexity of 'Telling the Tale 'in Zoë Wicomb's David's Story Wed 12 May 2021 18:53:28 SAST ]]> A study of the implementation and management of workforce diversity among teachers at secondary schools in the Mthatha Education District Wed 12 May 2021 18:51:14 SAST ]]> 'I want to tell the story again': re-telling in selected novels by Jeanette Winterson and Alan Warner Wed 12 May 2021 18:48:32 SAST ]]> A comprehensive evaluation framework for system modernization : a case study using data services Wed 12 May 2021 18:40:35 SAST ]]> (In)visibility and the exercise of power: a genealogy of the politics of drag spectacles in a small city in South Africa Wed 12 May 2021 18:37:06 SAST ]]> A model for assessing the anticipated relative financial impact of implementing the tools of lean manufacturing on a manufacturing concern Wed 12 May 2021 18:15:51 SAST ]]> A regulationist approach to South Africa and a critique of inflation targeting Wed 12 May 2021 17:56:56 SAST ]]> Adaptation choices, community perceptions, livelihood linkages and income dynamics for district producer communities surrounding Nyatana Game Park in Zimbabwe Wed 12 May 2021 17:37:12 SAST ]]> "On se Débrouille": Congolese migrants' search for survival and success in Muizenberg, Cape Town Wed 12 May 2021 17:14:13 SAST ]]> A model for cultivating resistance to social engineering attacks Wed 12 May 2021 16:50:52 SAST ]]> A critical analysis of the tax implications for small and micro businesses Wed 12 May 2021 16:46:25 SAST ]]> Synthesis and evaluation of novel inhibitors of 1-Deoxy-D-xylolose-5-phosphate reductoisomerase as potential antimalarials Wed 12 May 2021 16:46:13 SAST ]]> Aerial view of Rhodes University campus Wed 12 May 2021 16:41:16 SAST ]]> A psychobiography of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu Wed 12 May 2021 16:36:14 SAST ]]> Adoption and sustained use of M-Commerce to improve efficacy of construction SMMEs Wed 12 May 2021 16:29:27 SAST ]]> A status assessment of mangrove forests in South Africa and the utilization of mangroves at Mngazana Estuary 300 cm) Rhizophora trees at Mngazana Estuary. Mortality of Avicennia marina individuals (51-150 cm) was related to tree density indicating intraspecific competition and self thinning. Selective harvesting of particular size classes of Rhizophora mucronata was recorded when comparing length of harvested poles (~301 cm) and the size class distribution of individuals. Taking into account the differences in growth rate for each size class for this species it will take approximately 13 years to attain a height of 390 cm which is the height at which trees are selected for harvesting at this estuary. This is 2.6 times slower than those individuals growing in Kenya. The feasibility of harvesting is dependent on the growth rate of younger size classes to replace harvested trees as well as the rate of natural recruitment feeding into the population. Different harvesting intensity scenarios tested within a matrix model framework showed that limits should be set at 5 percent trees ha-1 year-1 to maintain seedling density at > 5 000 ha-1 for R. mucronata. However harvesting of Bruguiera gymnorrhiza should be stopped due to the low density of this species at Mngazana Estuary. Harvesting of the tallest trees of Avicennia marina can be maintained at levels less than 10 percent ha-1 year-1. Effective management of mangrove forests in South African is important to maintain the current state, function and diversity of these ecosystems. Management recommendations should begin with determining the freshwater requirements of the estuaries to maintain the mouth dynamics and biotic communities and deter the harvesting of (whole) adult trees particularly those species that do not coppice. Further management is needed to ensure that forests are cleared of pollutants (plastic and industrial), and any further developments near the mangroves should be minimized.]]> Wed 12 May 2021 16:26:19 SAST ]]> An analysis of sources and predictability of geomagnetic storms Wed 12 May 2021 16:24:52 SAST ]]> A critical analysis of the socioeconomic impact assessments of the Addo Elephant National Park Wed 12 May 2021 16:24:07 SAST ]]> A knowledge management framework for automotive component manufactures in the Eastern Cape Wed 12 May 2021 16:19:51 SAST ]]> Action competence and waste management: a case study of learner agency in two Grahamstown eco-schools Wed 12 May 2021 15:45:33 SAST ]]> Between a cushion and a risky conversation: ARTS LOUNGE reviewed Wed 10 Aug 2022 07:05:29 SAST ]]> A study of mathematics instructional practices in foundation phase grade three classrooms in East London Wed 09 Jun 2021 09:52:07 SAST ]]> Adventures with abalone : aquaculture, poaching, and fishery restoration Wed 07 Jul 2021 11:21:52 SAST ]]> A Critical Analysis of the Role of School Governing Bodies in the Recruitment, Selection and Transfer of Educators in the Butterworth District Tue 29 Jun 2021 11:29:29 SAST ]]> An analysis of the elements of genocide with reference to the South African farmer's case Thu 13 May 2021 16:18:57 SAST ]]> A factor analysis of the career adapt-abilities inventory Thu 13 May 2021 12:01:49 SAST ]]> A case study of corporate social investment: employing people with intellectual disabilities Thu 13 May 2021 07:34:36 SAST ]]> Scoring an own goal? The Construction Workers 2010 World Cup Strike Thu 13 May 2021 07:29:00 SAST ]]> A “place in which to cry”: the place for race and a home for shame in Zoë Wicomb's Playing in the Light Thu 13 May 2021 07:20:47 SAST ]]> The nature and quality of the mathematical connections teachers make: Thu 13 May 2021 07:20:22 SAST ]]> A framework for the adoption of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in higher education Thu 13 May 2021 07:00:36 SAST ]]> A strange counterpoint : classical music performance and identities in Grahamstown, South Africa Thu 13 May 2021 07:00:20 SAST ]]> After Baines Thu 13 May 2021 06:33:46 SAST ]]> A case study investigation into drama in education as an effective teaching methodology to support the goals of outcome based education Thu 13 May 2021 06:31:46 SAST ]]> Alleviating poverty and promoting sustainable livelihoods through implementing skills development programmes Thu 13 May 2021 06:28:12 SAST ]]> Adherence to pre-selected infant feeding practices among mothers on the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV/AIDS programme in the Amathole region, Eastern Cape Thu 13 May 2021 06:27:51 SAST ]]> A comparative analysis of the intermediary systems in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia Thu 13 May 2021 06:23:05 SAST ]]> The effect of sewage effluent from De Beers marine diamond mining operations on the expression of cytochrome P450 (CYP1A) and vitellogenin (vtg) Thu 13 May 2021 05:48:14 SAST ]]> Africa: unity, sovereignty and sorrow A book review Thu 13 May 2021 05:09:25 SAST ]]> A household survey of livelihood strategies in Helenvale township, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Thu 13 May 2021 04:38:19 SAST ]]> A review of the performance of Botswana citizen building contractors Thu 13 May 2021 04:29:47 SAST ]]> A short composition portfolio Thu 13 May 2021 04:15:00 SAST ]]> A framework for the development of a personal information security agent Thu 13 May 2021 04:06:08 SAST ]]> A platform for computer-assisted multilingual literacy development Thu 13 May 2021 03:48:32 SAST ]]> A framework to enhance the mobile user experience in an Mlearning interaction Thu 13 May 2021 03:43:53 SAST ]]> A South African response to ethics in legal education Thu 13 May 2021 03:40:57 SAST ]]> A comparative analysis of the development of performers' rights in the United Kingdom and South Africa Thu 13 May 2021 03:36:06 SAST ]]> A critical analysis of the contribution of a poverty alleviatioon programme for youth development Thu 13 May 2021 03:34:44 SAST ]]> Adequacy of the advanced certificate in education to develop the work-intergrated learning competencies of principals: a case study Thu 13 May 2021 03:32:11 SAST ]]> Inter-seasonal persistence and size-structuring of two minnow species within headwater streams in the Eastern Cape, South Africa Thu 13 May 2021 03:22:53 SAST ]]> A study of a class of invariant optimal control problems on the Euclidean group SE(2) Thu 13 May 2021 03:13:42 SAST ]]> a pH-metric speciation and anti-diabetic study of oxovanadium (IV) amino acid derivatives Thu 13 May 2021 03:02:32 SAST ]]> A conjoint choice experiment analysing water service delivery in three Eastern Cape Municipalities Thu 13 May 2021 02:49:38 SAST ]]> A series of systematic case studies on the treatment of rape-related PTSD in the South African context implications for practice and policy Thu 13 May 2021 02:44:55 SAST ]]> Age validation, growth, mortality, and demographic modeling of spotted gully shark (Triakis megalopterus) from the southeast coast of South Africa 0.05), and von Bertalanffy growth model parameters for combined sexes were estimated to be L∞=1711.07 mm TL, k=0.11/yr and t0= –2.43 yr (n=86). Natural mortality was estimated at 0.17/yr. Age at maturity was estimated at 11 years for males and 15 years for females. Results of the demographic analysis showed that the population, in the absence of fishing mortality, was stable and not significantly different from zero and particularly sensitive to overfishing. At the current age at first capture and natural mortality rate, the fishing mortality rate required to result in negative population growth was low at F>0.004/ yr. Elasticity analysis revealed that juvenile survival was the principal factor in explaining variability in population growth rate.]]> Thu 13 May 2021 02:39:30 SAST ]]> A cut and paste identity : an investigation of reality TV's role in postmodern identity construction with special reference to ordinary people as celebrities Thu 13 May 2021 02:35:39 SAST ]]> A forecasting model for photovoltaic module energy production Thu 13 May 2021 02:27:18 SAST ]]> A participatory communication approach of rural cattle project: a case study of Nguni cattle project in the Eastern Cape, South Africa Thu 13 May 2021 02:25:55 SAST ]]> 3000 miles from home: a new Gastrosericus baobabicus Pulawski, 1995 (Hymenoptera, Larridae) distribution record highlights that the Sahel has a distinct entomofaunal signature Thu 13 May 2021 02:24:04 SAST ]]> A theoretical study on the Alexander technique for the organ Thu 13 May 2021 01:50:46 SAST ]]> 'n Analise van die gebruik van satire in enkele tekste van Marlene van Niekerk Thu 13 May 2021 01:47:18 SAST ]]> A case study of the strategic leadership displayed by Kevin Hedderwick at Famous Brands between 2004-2009 Thu 13 May 2021 01:37:34 SAST ]]> A critical analysis of Global Warning coverage in the National Geographic (2000-2010) Thu 13 May 2021 01:37:20 SAST ]]> An analysis of selected cartoons published during Zimbabwe's 2008 elections Thu 13 May 2021 01:35:43 SAST ]]> A case study of the implementation of science process skills for grades 4 to 7 learners in natural sciences in a South African primary school Thu 13 May 2021 01:29:41 SAST ]]> A legal-comparative study of the interpretation and application of the doctrines of the sham and the alter-ego in the context of South African trust law: the dangers of translocating company law principles into trust law Thu 13 May 2021 01:22:26 SAST ]]> A study on the cultural adjustment of the domestic partners of German expatriates in the Nelson Mandela Bay automotive industry Thu 13 May 2021 01:11:13 SAST ]]> An analysis of business skills and training needs in the plastic manufacturing industry in the Eastern Cape Province Thu 13 May 2021 01:11:02 SAST ]]> A critical analysis of the role of school governing bodies in the recruitment, selection and transfer of educators in the Butterworth district Thu 13 May 2021 00:29:21 SAST ]]> A learning state?: a case study of the post-1994 South African welfare regime Thu 13 May 2021 00:25:26 SAST ]]> 'Carrying the fire' : Cormac McCarthy's moral philosophy Thu 13 May 2021 00:10:51 SAST ]]> Bollywood Nights: Indian youth and the creation of diasporic identity in South Africa Thu 11 Aug 2022 06:51:37 SAST ]]> A framework for the application of network telescope sensors in a global IP network Thu 07 Jul 2022 20:21:17 SAST ]]> Aging, sex, death (and heavy metals) Thu 07 Jul 2022 16:08:45 SAST ]]> A study of rural self-help groups in the context of government-assisted community development: the case of Peddie, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Fri 11 Jun 2021 15:02:22 SAST ]]> A white man in exile Fri 08 Apr 2022 10:44:41 SAST ]]>