${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 In-vitro anti-vibrio activities of crude extracts of Garcinia Kola seeds Wed 12 May 2021 22:23:09 SAST ]]> Assessment of the anti-Listerial properties of Garcinia kola (Heckel) seeds 10 mg/ml for the aqueous extract. The minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC) ranges of the extracts were 0.625–10 mg/ml for both the n-hexane and the dichloromethane extract; 5-10 mg/ml for the methanol extract; and those for the aqueous extract were above 10 mg/ml against all the susceptible Listeria isolates. The rate of kill analysis was then determined for the three most active crude extracts that is excluding the aqueous extract and it was assessed against four representative Listeria species namely L. monocytogenes (LAL 8), L. grayi (LAL 15), L. ivanovii (LEL 30) and L. ivanovii (LEL 18). All the three extracts showed a general trend of being concentration and time dependent in their rate of kill profiles such that most bacteria cells were killed at the highest test concentration of 4× MIC value after the maximum exposure time of 2 h. The n-hexane, dichloromethane and methanol extracts were bactericidal against 4, 3 and 1 isolates out of the four test Listeria isolates respectively.]]> Thu 13 May 2021 06:09:04 SAST ]]>